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Offering Convenient, Effective, and Versatile Pressure Washer Trailers for Sale

There has been a drastic demand for pressure washer trailers in the US from past few years. The secret lies in these trailers’ exceptional cleaning capabilities and versatility. Designed to provide a comprehensive and mobile cleaning solution, pressure washer trailers have become a preferred choice for various industries and businesses.

Who Needs Power Washing Trailers? Numerous industries lean on the efficiency and convenience offered by pressure washer trailers to meet their cleaning requirements. Such as:

Construction and Contracting:

Construction sites require thorough cleaning, and pressure washer trailers excel at removing dirt, grime, and debris from heavy machinery, equipment, and construction materials. Contractors find these trailers invaluable for maintaining cleanliness and improving the overall appearance of their sites.

How Power Washing Trailer Equipment Works?

Power washing trailer equipment uses a high-pressure water pump connected to a water source. The water is then expelled through a specialized nozzle or wand at high velocity, allowing it to blast away dirt and grime.

The key components of power washing trailer equipment:

Pressure Washer Unit – This unit has a powerful engine or motor that drives the high-pressure water pump. It generates the force necessary for effective cleaning.

Water Tank – The equipment has a tank that provides a continuous water supply to the pressure washer unit.

Hose and Nozzle/Wand – The high-pressure hose carries the pressurized water from the pressure washer unit to the cleaning nozzle or wand.

Trailer or Rig – The power washing trailer equipment is mounted on a sturdy trailer or rig, providing mobility, stability, and storage.

Southern Mini Softwash Skid $5300

Benefits of Power Washing Trailer Equipment

Investing in power-washing trailer equipment offers several advantages for your cleaning projects:

Custom Skids $9000-$20,000

Unleash the Cleaning Power with Power Washing Trailer Products

Our industrial power washing trailers are meticulously designed to provide the precise features you require for your specific purposes. We recognize the demands our customers face in their daily work. Hence, our power washer trailers come equipped with all the necessary equipment and offer effortless mobility, allowing you to reach your customers no matter how far you travel.

Equipping yourself with the highest quality pressure washer ensures customer satisfaction that surpasses their expectations. Southern Softwash LLC, we strive to empower you with the tools and resources to establish your business as the epitome of excellence in the industry.

The Round House $14,990-18,500

The Haymaker $18,950-$22,000

The Main Use of Power Washing Trailer Equipment

Power washing trailer equipment is primarily used for heavy-duty cleaning in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Its main purpose is to remove stubborn dirt, stains, and buildup from surfaces such as driveways, sidewalks, buildings, vehicles, and more.

With adjustable pressure settings and various nozzles and attachments, power washing trailer equipment provides versatile cleaning capabilities for various applications.

The Knockout $15,800-18,000

The Uppercut $13,900

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The transportation industry, including trucking companies, logistics providers, and car wash businesses, heavily relies on pressure washer trailers for efficient vehicle cleaning. These trailers provide the mobility and power required to effectively tackle large fleets of vehicles.


Farms, ranches, and agricultural facilities often face challenging cleaning tasks due to mud, animal waste, and other stubborn stains. Pressure washer trailers are the ideal solution, offering high-pressure cleaning to ensure a clean and hygienic environment for livestock, machinery, and farm buildings.


Manufacturing facilities often require thorough cleaning to maintain safety standards and productivity. Pressure washer trailers can effectively remove grease, oil, and other residues from machinery, production floors, and storage areas, ensuring a clean and safe working environment.

Concerning this ferocious demand in the market, we stake a further step in accommodating potential clients by offering affordable pressure washer trailers for rental or sale. Yes, our specialty here at Southern Softwash LLC is providing pressure washer trailers for sale.

For over 30 years, we have specialized in engineering and manufacturing trailer-mounted hot water pressure washer trailers, and we have over 2,500 trailer-mounted hot water pressure washer trailer systems in service worldwide. Power Line Industries has been repairing, maintaining, and selling all brands of pressure washer trailers for over 30 years.

Benefits of Pressure Washer Trailers

Simple, it enables convenience and effectiveness. Pressure washer trailers have numerous benefits that contribute to making cleaning jobs easier. It provides:

Mobility – Unlike stationary pressure washers, trailers provide the advantage of mobility. They are easily transported to other locations, allowing you to bring the cleaning power wherever needed. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for businesses that operate on multiple sites or offer mobile cleaning services.

Power and Performance – Pressure washer trailer setup have robust engines and high-pressure pumps, delivering superior cleaning power. They can effectively remove tough stains, grime, and dirt, saving time and effort compared to traditional cleaning methods.

Versatility – Pressure washer trailers come with various attachments and accessories, enabling versatility in cleaning different surfaces and objects. From concrete surfaces to vehicles, machinery, and outdoor furniture, these trailers can handle various cleaning tasks, making them highly versatile.

Water Conservation – Pressure washer trailers are designed to optimize water usage. They regulate the flow and pressure, ensuring efficient cleaning while minimizing water wastage. This saves water, reduces utility costs, and promotes environmental sustainability.

Commercial Pressure Washer Trailers – Your Workplace’s Essential Cleaning Solution

When it comes to effective cleaning services, commercial pressure washer trailers are a must-have for any workplace. Here’s why:

High-Efficiency Equipment and Detergents:

Our commercial pressure washer trailers have state-of-the-art equipment and industry-leading detergents. This ensures that every cleaning task is performed efficiently, delivering exceptional results.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services:

Southern Softwash LLC offers comprehensive commercial pressure washing services. Whether you need to clean commercial buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, or industrial equipment, our skilled team, and advanced pressure washer trailers can tackle any challenge.

After encountering recurring issues with weak components and unsatisfactory designs from other manufacturers, we decided to take matters into our own hands. Our focus shifted towards producing robust, high-powered hot water pressure washer trailers and trailer-mounted power washers for industrial use.

Our company specializes in manufacturing Industrial pressure washer trailers, Mobile Power Washer Units, and complete hot water pressure washing systems that comply with environmental standards. These products are specifically engineered to cater to the needs of Professional Mobile Contractors and industrial applications that demand round-the-clock high-performance power washing capabilities.

Southern Softwash LLC, our primary commitment is to provide you with top-notch trailers at the most affordable prices possible. As a no-frills operation with minimal overhead costs, we still prioritize delivering excellent customer service. This approach allows us to offer significant cost savings to our customers. We encourage you to thoroughly compare the features of our trailers and verify our prices before making a purchase. Our trailer groups include the following offerings:

We offer the following trailers groups:

Utility Trailers: Discover our landscape utility trailers featuring angle iron frames and a choice of angle iron or tubing top rails. Equipped with full landscape gates and channel iron tongues, our single and tandem-axle utility trailers offer exceptional features.

Gooseneck Trailers: Trailer Sales of New York proudly presents gooseneck trailers in single and dual-wheel models. Our flatbed trailer lineup boasts a floor over the tires, while our equipment-style goosenecks come with fenders and a floor positioned between the tires. Expect heavy gauge diamond plate fenders, swing-up channel ramps, and sturdy I-beam or iron mainframes.

Equipment Trailers: Experience the reliability of Trailer Sales of New York’s equipment trailers, meticulously crafted with all-channel frames. These trailers feature the classic “wrap-a-round” tongue extending under the main frame to the axles. Enjoy the convenience of heavy gauge diamond plate fenders, swing-up channel ramps, and a range of GVW ratings from 8,000 to 15,000 lbs.

Car Trailers: We offer a versatile selection of car trailers with either channel iron or rectangular tubing frames. Choose from wood or diamond floor versions, where loading ramps conveniently slide under the floor for easy storage. opt for our hydraulic tilt car trailer that eliminates the need for loading ramps. Our car trailers feature teardrop fenders, swing-up jacks, stake pockets, D-ring tie-downs, and competitive prices. Explore our full line to find your perfect fit.

Flatbed Trailers: Trailer Sales of New York presents flatbed trailers with either gooseneck or bumper pull (pintle) hitches. Our gooseneck flatbed trailers can be found under the “Gooseneck Trailers” section, while our pintle hitch flatbed trailers showcase a floor over the tires, stake pockets, and an outer rub rail spanning the full length of the bed.

These models come standard with wedge-shaped lay-flat ramps, ensuring a flat floor throughout the bed. Expect rugged I-beam frames for enhanced durability.

Dump Trailers: Discover our premium selection of Hawke brand dump trailers. Click on the dump trailers link to explore the exceptional features and benefits they offer.

At Southern Softwash LLC, we invite you to explore our comprehensive trailer setup and discover the perfect solution for your transportation and hauling needs.

Avail the Best Power Washing Trailer Packages – We Offer Affordable Solutions for Your Cleaning Needs

We understand that different businesses have unique requirements and budgets. That’s why we offer various power-washing trailer packages designed to suit various needs. Our packages include:

From Where to Get Pressure Washer Trailers for Sale Near Me?

When purchasing pressure washer trailers in Texas or anywhere in the US, Southern Softwash LLC is your quick go-to source. Why? Because of our:

  • Quality and Reliability:

Our pressure washer trailers are built to the highest standards, utilizing durable materials and components. You can rely on our products to withstand rigorous use and deliver exceptional performance.

  • Extensive Variety:

We have many pressure washer trailers to meet various needs and budgets. We have the perfect solution, from small-scale cleaning trailers to heavy-duty rigs for large-scale operations.

  • Expert Guidance:

Our knowledgeable staff is committed to assisting you in locating the best pressure washer trailer for your specific needs. We offer personalized recommendations and advice to help you make an informed purchasing decision.

  • Responsive Washing Service:

Southern Softwash LLC takes pride in our responsive washing service. Our trailer-mounted pressure washers bring the cleaning power to your doorstep, ensuring convenience and efficiency.

Why Strive Hard for DIY Cleaning When We Can Deliver Exceptional Service at Your Door Step?

Don’t find yourself in a bind by working with inexperienced start-ups. opt for true professionals with a solid decade of experience.

Safety First:

Say no to unnecessary injuries. Each year, countless individuals suffer falls from ladders while cleaning gutters and home exteriors. Hiring licensed professionals like Champion Pro Wash can ensure safe and efficient property cleaning.

A Decade of Excellence:

Our team comprises seasoned experts who are committed to delivering exceptional results. With ten years of experience, we have perfected our craft to provide top-notch services.

Constant Communication:

Stay connected with us at all times. Feel free to text or call us whenever you have questions, need estimates, or have any concerns. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Effortless and Swift Estimates:

Share your property’s square footage and details, and we will swiftly provide accurate estimates in person or over the phone. No hassle, just convenience.

Guaranteed Satisfaction for Exterior Cleaning Packages:

We hold every project in high regard, giving it the attention and care it deserves. We won’t rest until you are fully satisfied with our exterior cleaning services.

Meticulous Cleaning Techniques:

Our approach to cleaning is rooted in employing the right chemicals for each specific task. Our extensive training in exterior cleaning guarantees the best possible results every single time.

Since its founding, Southern Softwash LLC has been one of the most trusted names in the industry for soft touch pressure washing Texarkana Tx.Hire us for this service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve.


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